Europe’s economic growth and jobs depend on its ability to support the growth of enterprises. Entrepreneurship favours new companies, opens up new markets, and nurtures new skills. The most important sources of employment in the EU are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The EU objective is to encourage people to become entrepreneurs and also make it easier for them to set up and grow their businesses. Education for entrepreneurship can make a difference as young people who go through entrepreneurial programmes and activities start more companies and do so earlier.

The main objective of the GET UP project is to provide a learning tool to promote entrepreneurship for youth by using new information and communication technologies (ICT), empowering participants with the knowledge and mechanisms to design suitable business models.

The innovative component of this project is Geomarketing, based on concepts of Location Intelligence that enables finding the best geographic location based on the intersection spatial data and several variable factors supported by a set of techniques for analysing the economic and social reality from the geographical standpoint. This includes mapping and spatial analysis tools on a cloud-based mapping platform, directing the needs of the entrepreneur for the location with higher potential of success and allowing to attract investment to different and deprived regions in the partner countries. Finally a business plan design is envisaged to be developed during the training course, including the definition of the product and of the financial, material and human resources, which will be a great tool to support young entrepreneurs.

The challenge

The GET UP project and its learning platform will be an effective, useful tool to promote self-employment and also restore the confidence of unemployed youth through taking full advantage of the resources available in their countries, knowing the business community, market trends and getting knowledge about the territory where they live and segmenting it, in order to isolate the best places to put their business ideas into practice, alone or in partnership with others in the same situation.

The GET UP project will be an excellent opportunity to reinforce economic growth, helping to rebuild the economy of partner countries and potentially reaching 1.4 million unemployed young people (under 25s) in those countries (which accounts for 36% of unemployed youth in the EU28), thereby maximizing the human capital of those countries.


The main goal of the GET UP project it's to increase awareness of the end-users (youth, under 25s, unemployed with secondary school or higher education diploma and young secondary or graduate people seeking first job) on how to become an entrepreneur using the Geomarketing and location intelligence concepts to achieve their objectives and implement their business ideas. They will have the ability to understand complex phenomena through the use of Geomarketing techniques by creating geographic relationships inherent in relevant spatial data and learning how to use this concept as a management tool to attract investments and business.

The GET UP learning platform, which combines the GET UP b-learning course and the online Geographic Information System (GIS) and the Open Spatial Data Set will enable further assistance to the end-users to understand the importance of combining geographic data with business and market data in order to gain critical insights, make better-informed decisions, design processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Target group

Potential end-users are basically, youth, under 25s, unemployed with secondary school or higher education diploma and young secondary or graduate people seeking their first job.