The GET UP project is structured in 3 Outputs:

O1: Research in Entrepreneurship:

A detailed research report of Entrepreneurship which will be able to provide a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship (according to EU policies) and the national requirements to create a company. The main aim will be to collect and analyse information on updated research references, theories and models regarding entrepreneurship, business development, management and business strategy.

Download the Executive Summary "Research in Entrepreneurship"

Download the report "Research in Entrepreneurship"

O2: Research on Geomarketing:

A detailed research report on Geomarketing and Location Intelligence to understand the concepts, their application on business decisions and data to be used. The main focus will be to collect and analyse information on updated research concepts regarding Geomarketing and Location Intelligence, their application in business decisions, better geographic location for a business and how data can be used for business management. It will be also collected spatial open data that will be used in business analysis, because location intelligence is more than just a map with dots on it, location intelligence could be a fully-fledged analytical system.

Download the Executive Summary "Research on Geomarketing"

Download the report "Research on Geomarketing"

O3: GET UP Learning Platform:

A high-quality, GET UP Learning Platform will be produced which will be very user friendly and visually attractive. It will include the technical and pedagogical domains to support discussion and development of the interface and all the tools that compile the platform, and in parallel the pedagogical content of the modules will be developed based on modules previously defined for the GET UP b-learning course and the research results obtained in O1 and O2. The courses will be developed following innovative learning models and learning content which will be flexible enough to address the (e.g. time and place flexibility) vital training needs of unemployed youth, allowing the development of entrepreneurship and geomarketing skills and competences for business development

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