Final Conference in Rome

Presentations and videos of the final conference in Rome

Conference of the GET UP project for entrepreneurs, managers, students, managers and public officials, researchers and scholars, policy makers, journalists and innovative business experts. If you are interested in frontier topics such as the application of Geo-Marketing, Location intelligence and Geographic Information Systems to support an existing business and new entrepreneurship, this is the event for you! It will be held on Wednesday 29 January at 16.00 at the Luiss University in Rome.


GET UP is a European project launched in December 2017 within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme dealing with Geomarketing as an entrepreneurship tool. The main objective of the Project is to provide a GET UP Learning Platform to empower potential end-users seeking their first job, with new knowledge and competencies. They will have the ability to understand complex phenomena through the use of Geomarketing techniques by creating geographic relationships inherent in relevant spatial data and by learning how to use this concept as a management tool to attract investment and business.

This project is in response to the Action Plan for Entrepreneurship promoted by European Commission with the main objective being to rekindle and promote an entrepreneurial spirit throughout Europe.


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